Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Day 112: A sign I was really pleased to see

Setting out for Chicago at 10:00 AM, everything seemed like it was going perfectly. The shuttle pick up was perfectly on time; the ride to Bradley International Airport was traffic-free. The airport was very empty; I suppose it's still a bit early for the holiday madness. But then. Our plane had a 'pressure problem'. We left almost two hours later than the scheduled departure time. And then seeing as we were flying un-pressurized, our non-stop flight had to make a STOP! In Pittsburgh! To get fuel! And when we reached Pittsburgh, we were told that Chicago had put a stop on all traffic going in, due to weather, and thus we weren't able to leave straightaway. So I nearly wept with joy when we finally reached O'Hare, only five hours later than scheduled.

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