Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 152: Burns Supper

Today was the 250th anniversary of Robert Burns' birthday, and although I'm no longer in Scotland, I wanted to mark the day with Burns Supper. Last year, we were always able to get Macsween's lovely vegetarian haggis, but sadly they are not sold here. So I had to make my own. And it was a success! Although there wasn't any whiskey, I felt happy to be keeping a little bit of my Scotland experience alive here in New Haven.


Beth said...

What is in vegetarian haggis?

geeta said...

Veg haggis is just attempting to recreate the texture and flavour of the original. It's got lentils and oats and beans and such. I've had it in Scotland loads of times where it's cooked in a plastic casing but my version reminded me of meat loaf!