Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 232: Firefighting

I was sitting at my desk and happened to look out the window, and I saw white smoke rising from the mulch next to the sidewalk. I watched it for a while, not sure what it was, and eventually I saw small flames rising from the smoke! I assumed it must have been a cigarette that someone had thrown there. A pedestrian stopped and tried to put it out by pouring sand over it from the parking lot nearby, but after he left, the smoke started back up again. My colleague and I decided to go over there with some water and take care of it. There were actually a few tiny fires around the main one that must have been the result of sparks (as seen in the photo). We felt we'd done a good deed for the day.


Mindy said...

YAY! You're a fire fighter!

Helen said...

You're a local hero, Geeta! They should give you a medal!