Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day 21: Financial markets crash

Subtitle: Breakfast at the Elephant House

I did feel better this morning (don't worry Mom, I'm fine) and so I set out to the library to return my books before they came due. I got there a bit too early, though, because when I reached the building the gates were still locked shut. As a result (or perhaps this was my subconscious acting) I was 'forced' to stop at the Elephant House for breakfast of eggs on toast and a cup of tea. Never mind that I'd already had tea and toast before I left! Anyway, the Elephant House is a lovely cafe that I have always wanted to stop at and it is quite famous in Edinburgh because JK Rowling sat writing her early novels in the back room where there is a gorgeous view of Edinburgh Castle. I was really happy that I had an 'excuse' to stop in. Needless to say, all the papers have to talk about is the Lehman Brothers/Merrill Lynch/AIG crisis. We fielded plenty of calls and emails yesterday about it, and I must say I'm a bit happy not to be at work for the next few days (sorry guys!).


~Elizabeth~ said...

I love the Elephant House! I went there twice when I was performing at the Fringe. Nice to know that it's a great little spot with good food, not JUST well known because of J.K.!

Kate said...

Hey, I have coffee there all the time! I'll look out for you next time!