Monday, September 29, 2008

Day 34: The Apollo Victoria

I had a meeting near Victoria today and as I walked from the hotel to the office, I went past the Apollo Victoria, where Wicked is playing. Now I have seen Wicked, but the real reason I posted this photo is because the first time I went to the Apollo was in 2004 when I was living in India. I had come to London to take a course for a week, and I wanted to see as many theatre shows as I could. Bombay Dreams was playing here, and I remember thinking it was really far to travel and feeling very lost and confused by the tube, but I walked out of Victoria Station and saw the huge theatre and was really glad I made the effort. Little did I know back then that I'd be living in London someday.

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Mindy said...

Hey! I went to see Bombay Dreams in 2004 too!