Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 213: A present

S returned home today from the cruise and came bearing gifts. This is my new mangal sutra! I have had two in the past and lost them both so this is my third (yes, I'm very bad). I was hoping he'd get a chance to buy one on this trip and I was so pleasantly surprised! I'm so lucky! They are often very flashy and heavy but I wanted a plain ('sober' in Indian English) one which is just what I got.

FYI in case you are interested, here is the wiki (it's overly descriptive; the first few paragraphs are the useful ones).


Helen said...

That's BEAUTIFUL, Geeta! I'd never heard of these before ... but now, of course, I want one!

geeta said...

I love having one again! I almost felt unmarried without it! I am still depressed about losing the other two. :(