Saturday, October 25, 2008

Day 60: Farewell from the girls

Saturday night was my sendoff from the Scotland lassies. Tracey, Caroline, Laura, and Kate all turned up from various parts of Scotland and Stacey came up from Surrey. Of course my darling Peggy came the furthest of all, from Chicago no less! We stayed in at mine having wine and cheese while we waited for the gorgeous Scottish weather to clear up - during which time Caroline managed to spill red wine on the carpet and break a chair - and then went right across the road to my local, Kay's. I suppose I really shouldn't have been as shocked as I was to find Caroline smacking this poor bloke's bum. Those Edinburghers...what are they like, eh!


Helen said...

I'm so glad this was the photo you chose for your 365!

Kate said...

I know I'm glad too! :D