Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 159: Devghar

Slowly, slowly I'm starting to get unpacked and put things away. My second bedroom is a disaster with boxes everywhere. But we put up some more posters on the walls and also set up the devghar. Devghar translates literally to 'home of the gods' which is a pretty appropriate description. It's where we put representations of the deities, almost like a little doll house for the gods and goddesses. Inside our devghar are many Ganpatis, a diya (oil lamp), a Buddha, and some small cards with prints of the gods. If you look closely you can see one with Parvati, Shiva and Ganpati. I've also put a few pictures of Jesus and a rosary in mine. You know, equal opportunity. Ours came from Pune originally. Next to it is the bodhi leaf that fell on my head when I went to Bodh Gaya. The leaf came from a version of the tree under which the Buddha sat and became enlightened.


sevans said...

That's beautiful!

T said...

I love that... i want one!

Chameleon said...

Did you do anything to preserve your bodhi leaf, or just stick it in a frame like I did? I'm thinking I should probably do something to help it stay intact longer. ~Peg