Monday, February 16, 2009

Day 174: The story of the the book and the mitten

So this evening I went to the library to pick up some books I had recalled and one I'd requested through inter-library loan (it came in from the University of Pennsylvania). I went to the library and got two and then went outside to wait for S. I took a few photos before he arrived. Then, we walked to the other library to get the book from Penn. We went back outside to wait for the bus, and at that point I realized I'd lost one of my mittens. So we walked back to the first library, where I found the mitten at the security desk. And when we were there, the security guard said we'd left the book from the second library at the other security desk. So we walked back to go find it. By the time all of this backtracking was over, we'd missed the regular bus, so we had to wait for ages to get the night bus. And this bus took a half an hour to get even close to the apartment, and then the driver made us get off and take yet another bus, which drove all the way around the neighborhood before we could get off. Frustrating. (But I did read the entire book and it was so worth it!)


Helen said...

Is that a Persephone book??!

geeta said...

Oh yes it is, and it's thanks to your recommendation that I found it! Dorothy Whipple, Someone at a Distance!